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Q: "Is it really FREE?"

A: Yes! You really do get up to 4 receivers and a satellite dish installed for free. Of course, you are also making a one year commitment to pay your monthly programming charges automatically using your credit card. Keep in mind that we will charge your card $49.99 up front. This covers activating your account and your free installation. But the great news is that you'll receive $200 in credits on your bill from DISH Network! (Click here for important information on how to get your $200 in credits.)

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Q: "What if I don't have a credit card?"

A: To sign up for this offer with Dish Network, you are required to use a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) or a debit card which has a MasterCard/Visa Logo. Debit cards from your checking account are acceptable as long as they have a Visa or MasterCard Logo. If you do not have a credit card, you should consider having a roomate or other household member obtain service in their name if they have a credit card.
Click Here to get a credit card in 5 minutes!!!

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Q: I want to see a list of all of the channels!

A: You can get a list of the channels that are included in any package on our website. Just click on any programming Package that is underlined. Then a window will pop up giving you a detailed listing. In general, anything that is underlined on our website can be clicked on.

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Q: "Do I have to choose my programming right now?"

A: No. If you are not sure of which packages you desire, you can simply choose the basic programming package for now. You'll then have time to consider your options. Just keep in mind that you'll have to decide before the installer comes to your home. Your installer will activate the programming you desire when he is in your home.

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Q: "How many receivers can I have?"

A: You can have up to 6 receivers on one account. Your first four receivers are installed FREE. If you need a fifth or sixth receiver, you must pay $99.99 each for the extra receivers. Installation of each extra receiver will cost $59.99. You will still only pay us $49.99 today to get set up. You will pay Dish Network directly at a later time for your additional receivers.

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Q: "Can I substitute one channel for another in my basic package?"

A: We strive to make satellite programming as affordable as possible. One way to help keep costs lower is to provide stations in packages, rather than mostly a la carte. Allowing customers to substitute channels would have the adverse effect of forcing us to raise prices, both for overall programming, and for a la carte stations. To prevent this, no substitutions are allowed.

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Q: Adult programming

A: Dish Network currently offers an extensive lineup of adult programming. Please click on "Movie Channels" for more detailed information.

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Q: "UPN and WB -- Do you carry UPN and WB Networks?"

A: Yes, we currently carry WB and UPN.

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Q: Our Homeowners Association forbids satellite dishes.

A: THEY DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT! We would love to have you as a customer. Our dish antenna sizes are 18" or 20" and comply with the Satellite Consumer Bill of Rights, a regulation released by the FCC on August 6, 1996. This regulation PREEMPTS area zoning ordinances and Homeowner Association covenants and restrictions on DBS dish antennas. This rule was required by Congress in the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Some HOA'S have been fighting to keep restriction rights by threatening court action on tenants with dish antennas, in some cases arguing that a dish antenna is installed in a common area, calling the air space above the homeowners roof where the dish antenna is installed, the common area. Congress is on your side in this matter.

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Q: "Can I check my account status online?"

A: You may view your current or previous billing statements, add services, or make payments to your account online. Keep in mind that our Free installation offer requires that you agree to automatic monthly billing on your credit card.

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Q: "How do I hook up my VCR?"

A: If you are using the RCA connections: Run the red, white and yellow connects from the satellite receiver to the VCR line inputs. Then run the line outputs to the TV video 1 input. Select LINE IN on your VCR and video 1 on your TV. If your are using coaxial cable: Run the coax from the TV set out of the satellite receiver to the antenna in of the VCR. Then run the VCR out to the TV set coax in. Put the switch on the back of the VCR and the VCR's channel to 3 or 4. You must also put the switch on the back of the TV and the TV's channel to 3 or 4.You can combine the RCA out of the receiver to the VCR and the use coax out from the VCR to the TV. Be sure to put the VCR in the LINE IN mode and the TV on channel 3 or 4. You will have to refer to your VCR and/or your TV owners manual for help on selecting the LINE/AUX INPUTS.

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Q: Dolby Surround vs. Dolby Digital

A: There are 2 differences between Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital. First Dolby Surround only has 4 channels; Left, Right, Center and Surround(rear). Dolby Digital (AC-3) has 5.1 channels; Left, Right, Center, Right surround, Left surround, and low frequency effects (Sub Woofer). In addition, AC-3 includes a Phase Delay which gives the illusion of a sound reflection which is either closer or further from you than the actual speaker and gives a more realistic sound profile.

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Q: "How good is your warranty?"

A: The promotion comes with Dish Network's incredible IN-HOME SERVICE PLAN!

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Q: How to activate the Adult Guard (Parental System Locks)

A: The Adult Guard™ feature gives you the capability to remove the Adult™ channels (Playboy, TEN, Extasy, and Adultvision) from your Electronic Program Guide. This prevents any children in the household from viewing the programming OR accessing the program information. To activate Adult Guard™ follow these simple steps. (NOTE: procedure may vary for some receivers)

Press the MENU™ button

Highlight the LOCKS™ option, pressSELECT™

Choose the CHANNEL LOCKS™ option, and press SELECT™

Scroll through the listed channel numbers till you see the Adult channel (495-497). Highlight the channels, and press the select button once on each channel. (NOTE: You should see a checkmark appear next to the channel information)

Highlight the SAVE™ option, and press SELECT™

Highlight the LOCK SYSTEM™ option, and press SELECT™

Enter a 4 digit password, then highlight OK and press SELECT™

Re-enter the password for confirmation, then highlight OK and press SELECT™

Your system is now locked (NOTE: This also automatically locks out the PPV channels, and requires the password be entered to view or order PPV) Press the GUIDE™ button, notice the padlock in the upper left corner is now closed, and the adult channels are not listed in the guide any more. To view an adult channel after activating Adult Guard™ follow these steps:

1. Press the MENU™ button

2. Highlight the LOCKS™ option, press SELECT™

3. Enter your 4 digit password, highlight OK and press SELECT™

4. Highlight the UNLOCK SYSTEM™ option, and press SELECT™

5. Your system is now unlocked, and you can view the adult channels.

6. When done viewing, re-lock your system following the instructions above.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us @ 1-800-333-3474, or If you want to leave the adult programming in the Electronic Program Guide, but still wish to restrict viewing. Follow these steps:

1. Press MENU™

2. Highlight the LOCKS™ option, press SELECT™

3. Highlight the RATINGS LOCKS™ option, press SELECT™

4. Highlight the NR/AO™ option, press SELECT™ a checkmark should now be in this box.

5. Highlight the SAVE™ option and press SELECT™.

6. Highlight the LOCK SYSTEM™ option, and press SELECT™

7. Enter a 4 digit password, highlight OK, and press SELECT™

8. Re-enter the password for confirmation, highlight OK™ and press SELECT™

9. Your system is now locked, the PPV channels and any show that has a NR/AO™ (Not Rated/Adult Only) rating will require that you enter the password in order to view.

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Q: "Can I get service in Puerto Rico?"

A: No. Service is only available in the continental USA and Hawaii. We do not offer service in any foreign countries or territories.

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Q: "Is service available in Canada?"

A: No. Service is only available in the continental USA and Hawaii. We do not offer service in any foreign countries or territories.

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Q: "If I live in an apartment or condo can I still get a dish?"

A: In most cases, yes, if you have a balcony. The law requires that your landlord must give you permission. For more IMPORTANT information please CLICK HERE. FCC rules permit residents of rental property to install a satellite dish, but only in certain areas. Generally, FCC rules permit renters to install a dish only in areas that are subject to the renter's exclusive use and control. Generally, this means an area that you may use, but that is not available for the general use of all tenants. Such an area may include a balcony, patio, yard, deck or other area that only you have the right to use. If you have such an area, you may install a dish.

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Q: I broke my remote. Can I buy a new one?

A: Yes! A remote control is $49.99 + $5.00 shipping. (Total $54.99) You can order by phone using MasterCard, Visa, or Discover at 1-877-998-DISH . Your new remote will arrive within 7-10 days of your order.

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Q: Can I get NFL Coverage?

A: DISH Network broadcasts as many as 231 NFL preseason, regular season and post-season playoff games without having to purchase a costly season package subscription! (Game access subject to channel availability and programmer restrictions.) That's right, extensive NFL coverage is available on ESPN which is already included in DISH Network's Digital 100 and Digital 150 packages. You can also watch exciting NFL matchups on either your local networks or, if qualified, on Local Broadcast Networks or Distant Broadcast Networks East and/or West Coast network feeds. Not only will you get to watch your favorite NFL teams in action, but you can also check out other great sports programming that includes your regional sports network, college football, Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball and NCAA Basketball. All this and more is available with a subscription to the Digital 100 or Digital 150 package.

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Q: Do I need a cable-ready TV?

A: No. Dish Network is compatible with every TV ever manufactured! Installation is free on all models of television.

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Q: Will I get an HDTV signal?

A: The promotion on this website does not include an HD receiver, but you will receive a PURE DIGITAL signal which is completely distortion-free. The quality of your signal is so high that it is equivalent to a DVD. This signal will look incredible on ANY television, including HDTVs. If you want an HDTV receiver, they are available for an extra charge.

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Q: Can I get this installed on my motorhome or tractor trailer?

A: Yes! We do have packages available for your RV or motorhome. However, they are different from the program advertised on this website.

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Q: International Programming

A: Many International Programming packages are available. However, you would need to have a second Dish installed in addition to your main system because the International Programming is delivered from a different satellite in the sky. The cost to have this second dish installed on your home is $99 in addition to the $49.99 activation fee you will pay us today. You will pay the $99 directly to Dish Network at a later time. You should also be aware that International Programming carries an extra monthly charge in addition to your monthly programming for English channels. You are required to subscribe to at least the 50 channel package in English before you are eligible to add additional International Programming. (English programming packages begin at $29.99/mo.)

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Q: What if I move before my one year commitment is up?

A: No problem! DISH Network will reinstall your system at your new residence for FREE so long as you commit to a new 12 month period of at least Top 150 programming at your new home.

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