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Please be advised that your installer J. J. was very helpful and courteous.
The Boltons

I really do like Dish Network .. Thanks!
Stephanie Boyd

It is absolutely evident why you have been so very successful. I would just like to let you know your staff was completely wonderful, patient and helpful. Sometimes we have no idea how the little things we do can be so big to someone else's day!!!!
Kellie Clark

My family and I were very excited to join the Dish Network family! I researched my decision and thought that your company would suit my needs effectively.
Brandy Evans

I appreciate that you take the time to follow up with your customers and make us feel we matter. I have only great things to say about your service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
Dilcia Morales

I must say, I was very impressed with your sales representative, Raven .. We thank you for your follow-up and pray your success in this business.
Joyce Tate

I was very happy because of your concern for your customers. I want to thank for the things you did and I also want to know about installation a satellite system for my shop..
Kim Nguyen

We were very impressed with the installer .. His honesty turned our customer experience into a pleasant one.
Marjie Yates

Thank you so much for your customer service. I would like to see all companies on the same page as your company. NO wonder you've done so well. Thank you once more.
Danielle Sierra

It's very refreshing to see a company that cares! Thank You.
Craig Farrell

Yvonne Williams

Your people were great!
Ronald Mayersky

I was very pleased with the service .. and friendly staff.
Mary Ann Cohen

I appreciate your concern and I do believe that customer support is a very important aspect of a business. I think it is great to see a business taking the time to ensure that everything is done to keep your customers happy.
Jill Bumgarner

Your customer service staff was excellent.
Melvin Bynes

I am very pleased to see that there are still CEO's that really care about the "one" and not the "many." This is truly the mark of a company that cares about its customers! I salute you..
Matthew Boyer

You have shown me that there are still some companies out there who try to do what is right and still care about there customers, I thank you for that.
Michele Palley

The offer is a good one for sure.
Michael Wilson

When I called.. the representative was very helpful and congenial.
Bill Kropog

Customer service is everything in a service type industry like Satellite.. Thank you again for being so quick to respond.
Carrie Blum

Wow, I am impressed on your excellent commitment and dedication to customer service. I've been very satisfied with the service so far. I am a happy VMC customer.
Juan Sandoval

Honestly I have never been so impressed with a company that is so helpful..
Mark Radoja

Your customer service has been outstanding. I have been in the Hotel Industry for over 20 years so I know good and great customer service. Your company has GREAT customer service. Thank you very much for such a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work.
Karen Molck

I am very happy with your courteous representatives.. I am an Officer of a large Filipino-American association and I will certainly will recommend you on our monthly reports about the businesses that our members deal with, whether good or bad. Yours was for sure a good one.
Alexander Gonzaga

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I was so excited to order the service especially when I read the great deals that you had and the plans to choose from.
Dominick Zona Satellite Phone

I'm really excited about this program.
William Sanders TV Commercials

Everyone I spoke with was polite and helpful, and responses to e-mails were prompt, to the point and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others. My thanks to your company for their prompt and courteous service...
George Bandy Jewelry Television

Tech TV
The people who work for you were very helpful and courteous. Thank you for your concern...
Wayne Nantz

I appreciate the fact that there is still a CEO in America that concerns himself with customer satisfaction. Far too many companies are run by individuals who sit in their office all day doing all that they can to avoid the general public. I can assure you that I will recommend VMC to all of my friends.
James Satterwhite TV Stands

I was very happy and excited to get the Dish Network.
Diane P. Thurman

Many thanks... I am very impressed with your success. I surely want to be a beneficiary of the modern technology - Satellite Dish Network.
S.Won Kong

I have decided to go through your company because I received high recommendations for your company and also because you assist customers in the most unexpected efficient manner. I have read a couple of reviews about your company on various boards. You guys are the best and I want to go though you. Thanks. Direct TV
Tikvael Sulaiman

I thought the package that you offered was a wonderful deal. You are a true example of real customer service. Plasma TV
Larry K. Keune

I was excited about everything you could offer. Thank you and have a great day! Satellite TV
Lisa Crawford

The installer went "above and beyond." I would recommend your company to anyone that asked. Thank you and continued success. As Seen on TV
Brian Hartley

I have been pleased with the way VMC Satellite has handled everything. Thanks for being so prompt..
Julia Hardy Court TV

I'm so grateful that you are always there to support me ... I appreciate it very much. Thanks.. Food TV

The installers were very professional.
Marina Barros

I would like to thank you for the great support and help.
Jack Feathers

I will recommend your service to my clients.
David Jenkins

Your staff was well educated and polite.
Chantelle Hall-Tinsley

Your installation technician was excellent and gave it his all.
Jan Durick

Thanks a lot for your support. I appreciate it so much.
Remzon Mascardo

Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Amy Lee

I was happy with the web site and the prices.
Charlotte Demarest

You can definitely depend on my success on spreading the word about vmcsatellite.
Lisa Smith

I was impressed with your offering, pricing, and the ease in which I was able to sign up for your service via the Internet. If I hear of someone looking for satellite service, I will not hesitate to mention you and provide your website address. Thanks and Good Luck - this is the type of attention to customers I rarely see these days, and it's encouraging to see a company that truly cares about the quality of its service!
Scott Przygocki

It was a great deal and the channels were great!
Joann Pyzow

You guys were great . you and your organization are wonderful!
Anil Dua

You have the concerned customer service all places should have.
Emmanuel Lane

I really appreciate your kindness and full support.
Remzon Mascardo

Thank you so much .. for the thoughtfulness and the courtesy that you have shown... So often, we don't find many companies that try to go beyond the call of duty for customer satisfaction. Again, Thanks.
Ursulynn Hamilton

I have been impressed with your customer service..
Kevin Oblander

I decided to take Vmcsatellite's offer and I'm very pleased at this time.
Andres Jimenez

Thank you so much.. The employees at your company were nothing short of great!
Ashley Sanders

I appreciate that you went to extremes to find out more about your customer base.
Denese Strenger

You're the best, keep up the great work!
Jahaira Maisonet

Thank you for the wonderful training and support. I really appreciate your help.
Frances Fox

I think you have a great company.. Thank you tons!
Steven J. Sampels

Thank you very much for your help and support.
Jahaira Maisonet

I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU and YOUR STAFF.
Diana Mason

It was nice to see a business concerned about customer care.
Marcia Sanders

Thanks for your commitment to my satisfaction. VMC Satellite representatives conducted themselves in a very professional manner.
Kevin Harvey

It is reassuring to know that some companies still believe that the ONLY thing that sets them apart from the competition is service. Most think that following up on non sales situations is a waste of time. However, the good companies get better by doing what their competitors won't. Your company is to be commended. As I indicated, you don't see that much these days especially from the upper management in a company. I wish your company much success and prosperity.
Gary L. Wolf

I thank you for your sincere business, and attitude. And I think it is wonderful that you handle the business that you do personally to make your customer's happy. I am happy with your service. Thank you for everything, and for your relationship with your customers.
Alisha H. Enyhart

MANY THANKS.. It's attention like this that is absent in today's business world and it is greatly appreciated.
Clifton O'Quinn

Congratulations that you have built a very successful company. Your website is great and your staff is outstanding.. Keep up the good work on your end and I wish you the best of luck.

I have been treated with nothing but respect by your representatives. They have been very helpful in answering all of my questions. Once again, my dealings with your company have been a pleasure. I am delighted with the concept of satellite television..
Stephen L. Moskal

I want to say that your representatives were polite and very helpful..
Merrill H. Sweet

Your customer representatives were very helpful. Please tell your representatives that their help was greatly appreciated.

I believe that VMC has excellent offers...
Beatriz Pimentel

My dealings with VMC satellite have been superb. Your level of customer service is nearly impossible to find these days. Keep it up, I'm sure you have many happy customers.
Eric Kos

I was satisfied with VMC..
Cedric Brijraj

Thanks for treating your customers with respect and care, it is much appreciated.
Catherine Casselle

I thank you again for your concern and I will definitely refer customers to your company.
Michelle Bailey-Brown

Your company should be commended for providing excellent customer service... Again, hats off to your company for wonderful customer service.. It has been a pleasure to do business with your company.
Mrs. Jimmy Gurry

My experience with your customer service and installer was great.
Michelle Frank

I would like to thank you very much for your service. Having a poor credit score had virtually eliminated me from offers like this. Thanks to you my installation is scheduled for July 29th. Thanks again!
F. Hocker

I would recommend this company to anyone I know.
Prasad Tenjerla

I've really got to say that you guys are awesome!! God Bless you.
Monique Leach

I thank you and your team for all the hard work you've done...
Donald Branham

Everyone I worked with at VMC Satellite was great.
Tamara Barnes

Thanks for the fine support.
Nelson Diaz

I am impressed by the way you take care of your customers.
Rajmohan Ramaswami

I am very impressed... The technician was very kind...
Sandra Saele-Markvart

You have a great company and I'm proud to be associated with you.
Vickie Johansson

It is very rare that people are concerned with complete customer service.
John Quevillon

It really is nice when the CEO of a company can take the time out of his busy schedule to address a consumer's concern. You are to be commended... Again thank you, thank you for that heart felt concern.
Jacinta Simmons

I am very satisfied with VMC's service.
Yi Han Wang

I very much appreciate your personal interest in customer service. That is great!
Jennifer Dahlen

Your customer service people were great.
Pam Battistoni

I appreciate the personal attention I received... I have no complaint whatsoever with the quality of services I have received from VMC, and the value of your offering is the best I've seen.
Heather Koch

I'm so very impressed with your service, that I will recommend your company to anyone seeking satellite. Your company is trustworthy, friendly and prompt.. I could not, nor could you ask for better people working for you...
John Oswald

I would like to thank you for your courteous service... I have already directed one of my friends to your online service and would gladly do so to any one else who is interested in satellite service.
Kevin Morrow

The technician who came out to do the installation was most courteous...

Your commitment to customers is remarkable. I will recommend your site to anyone needing service.
Michael Free

It's good to know customer service is still a priority to some companies.
Reggie Thompson

I called and received great customer service.
Lula Torres

I am very satisfied with the quick response and action from your company.
Vonnie Tessier

Everyone with whom I have had the pleasure to speak has been helpful and truly acted as customer advocates. I appreciate your personal attention and will recommend you to anyone who asks about Dish Network.
Ricardo Comparini

I am very satisfied with your company and its service.
Lee Y

Your people were very helpful...
Brenda Laws

I am thoroughly impressed with your follow up and truly appreciate your efforts...
Helen Richardson

I will recommend you to everyone I know who is thinking about getting a satellite.

I do want to tell you to keep up the good work. Thank you for the offer and everything you have done for me. Every one of your representatives were a pleasure to talk to you.
Stephanie Foppe

I work for GE medical systems and I work with customers -- and our policy is passion for our customer's satisfaction in all products and service. Your company has done a great job and customer service was very good.
Greivin Ramirez

You have an excellent company and your customer service ranks one of the top I have ever witnessed, including Nordstrom.
April Chamberlin

VMC was very nice!

I want to thank you for your personal interest in my situation, and doing so confirms this is a company I will like to work with.
Daniel Chamberlain

I must say you have a great business sense. As a Management Analyst for the Federal government, if you pass on your business sense to others, I am sure your business will continue to survive to great heights.
Brenda Perry

My experience with your company was very good.
Vince Marrone

The technician was very nice and professional..
Dolishia King

Thank your for the courteous customer service..
Angela Rivera

I am very impressed that you do care about your customers and potential customers. This in not usual today and it would be nice to have your caring philosophy spread around.
Laura D. Rodman

I appreciate that you are so conscious of your customer's needs ... All of your folks are to be commended; they were most courteous and professional. You clearly run a tight ship, and that's refreshing.
Tom Bruner

Your support was great!
Paul Richardson

Great customer service. Thank you.
Gary Stumpf

You should be very proud of your company -- because of the most professional and courteous personnel I ever had the opportunity to communicate with. I have told all my fellow associates that they should contact your company for superior service and support...
John W. McCraw

I appreciate your honesty and integrity.
Susan Carter

The customer service was wonderful. Everyone was very helpful and I do appreciate that. You have a well run company there. Commend yourself as well as your employees!
Kari Pergande

My installation went very well! A lot better than expected.
Elisabeth Deason

The people I spoke to at your company were very professional and seemed to take a personal interest in getting me the best deal with Dish Network. Your pride in the company is very well justified based on my experience. I made at least one previous purchase from your company without any problem. I think VMC Satellite is an excellent company!
Tim Mooring

It's great to see someone that cares about their customers (or potential customers). I had no problems with your representatives. They were courteous and thorough.
Lynne Luna

It is a rare experience to find people who provide this level of customer service, so it's in that spirit that I point out Kelly's efforts to you. If this is your company's standard, it's head and shoulders above most companies today.
David Janoff

Your staff has been nothing but professional, courteous, responsive, and a pleasure with which to deal.
Kris Bigej

I appreciate you taking the time to give quality customer service, so many companies don't do that anymore. I personally appreciate it.
James Apedaile

Everyone I worked with was very professional and very helpful. With your professional work ethic and the professional staff you have working you are sure to be a success for many years to come.
Wanda Degaro

Everyone that I have spoken to from your company has excellent customer service skills.
Donna Ball

Thank you very much for the follow up and your attention to detail, it is almost unheard of today.
Neal Perdue

The installers were great. I was telling my husband that VMC has one of the best customer service departments that I have ever dealt with.

I cannot tell you how impressed I am ... Everyone I spoke with was wonderfully helpful. Thank you so much for your concern and that ever-important personal touch.
Krista Martin

Your sales associates were really helpful.
Phillip Robinson

Your product and service are, as I understand it, unparalleled in quality.
Steve Katz

I am satisfied with your company and your employees.
Jonathan Seydel

Please be advised that your staff was very helpful and considerate.
Kirk D. Snyder

Thank you ... Good customer service is very difficult to come by these days.
Kirk E. Fjetland

Your support is fabulous...
M.E. Foedisch

My husband is very pleased with the speed and courtesy of the person who answered the phone.
G. Thompson

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I want to thank you personally for your concern. When I got your offer by email I was very thrilled to see that someone out there cares for customers like me. I liked the way it was very convenient to set up. I have friends in other states that would like to get satellite too.
Marisa Alvarado

Thank you for being so concerned about your customers. IT'S SOMETHING THAT YOU DON'T FIND MUCH ANY MORE.
Shelly Hunter

I am very happy with the attention received from your people in the customer service department. In fact, I can see that you have built a company with a real customer service orientation, and believe me that I know what is this.
Maximino Rimada

I was very pleased with the service of your company ... Thanks again for your prompt service.
Alexander Vega

Your Service is absolutely great. Each and every associate I have spoken to were very professional and courteous and especially one of your managers, Sherry (sorry don't have her last name) was wonderful. Thanks a lot for all the help and follow up.
Chandra, Puneet

Your team was very courteous and professional. Thank you.
Darlene Martin

I like your customer care program ... Hope my two cents help your company continue the good work!
Roberto Riesco

Thank you for your nice e-mail you sent me today. With customer service like that you will be in the business for a long time. I do want to tell you I liked your website -- it was user friendly. I like what you had to offer. It was very easy to order what I needed.
Kale Atencio

Thank you, my service technician was excellent, no complaints.
Judy Grubbs

The business that you portray is the one that I want to deal with. You impress me as being one who cares for his customers. I too follow this strategy for I have found out that without contented customers there's no business.
Sam Solana

I was completely satisfied with my experience with your company.
Parm Atwal

Thank you, your customer service has been excellent in every step of the process.

Your people were great and your website is great too ..I will be refering some friends and colleagues to you.

As a buyer and lead maintenance person in a production plant, I deal with lots of retailers and distributors. Few are the times I remember anyone genuinely concerned with a customer. That says a whole lot about your integrity and your company's desire for great customer satisfaction and relations.
Ken Hendrickson

The customer service is superb.
Mike Elam

Dear CEO: I do not remember a company that seems to care about business as much as yours does. Thank you for your kind words, you seem to have a lot of class which business executives should emulate. Thanks again.
John Gamblin

You folks did an excellent job of sales, and compassion for my situation. I would not hesitate to do business with you in the future.
Rev C E Llewellyn

The installation men were great and were polite, professional and efficient! Thank you.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "Thank You!" Your customer service staff handled my installation issue, and my satellite system was installed last Friday.
Sarah Cole

All of the customer service representatives were very polite and helpful.
Elizabeth Bunn

Great customer service.
John Smith

I would recommend your company to all.
Paul Stevens


I first checked out your website and was very impressed. I called and talked to one of your representatives, and they were also very nice. Also very helpful.
Belinda Houser

On Tuesday, I spoke with one of most courteous sales consultants..
Jody Correro

I appreciate your concern and can see by the multiple e-mails that you are concerned with the quality of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.
Jason Giguere

You guys did a fine job! And the tech that showed up was very informative and friendly.
Douglas Bald

Yesterday a competent young installer put me in business
Matthew Raggio

The person who came was a very nice guy.

I think you guys offer customers an extremely good package. Certainly a better pack then Qwest!!
Greg Hood

Your website was great, easy to use...

Everyone was very nice and professional
Tracy Chandler

I must say, I am impressed with your system. As the general manager of a division, I too am always concerned about [customers]. I salute you for the system for followups that you have. Well done
David Greubel

I appreciate you taking a direct interest and coming from consumer, this means a lot to me. If more companies took the interest in issues like this, I would be a much happier person.
Hillary Walters

Want to let you know I am very impressed... Once again, thanks for your response. Your response is a lost art form and creates loyalty amongst those of us seeking good service.
Greg Anderson

Your company came highly recommended.
William Williams, Jr.

I am just starting my own business, so I know how important keeping the customer happy is. VMC Satellite gave me no problem...
Storm Cline

It is so nice to know that someone still cares about their customers.
Laverne Scruggs

I just got off the phone with Richard, one of your top managers, he was very polite.
Beverly Taylor


The representative I spoke with was very courteous.

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